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Here you’ll find great health information written by the Alana Doctors, Physiotherapists and Naturopaths.

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Recurrent Implantation Failure

You’ve taken on the journey of IVF. All looks promising. Your embryos are said to be perfect - So why are they not sticking? READ MORE
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The Oral Contraceptive Pill

Recent media focus on the oral contraceptive pill has left many women with questions as to what the risks are, and should they be taking this… READ MORE
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Medical Research Week

When you have a health problem, what you want is the answer. But to get the answer we have to have scientific evidence that can only come through… READ MORE
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Mountains or molehills – fibroids can affect women in many different ways. Its fibroid awareness week, so time to find out more! READ MORE
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Adenomyosis is not an infectious disease or a species of South American insect. It does cause pain and abnormal bleeding in women and is more common… READ MORE
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Endometriosis Awareness

With one in every ten women affected by endometriosis, someone you know and most likely someone in your larger family has this disease. Be aware. READ MORE
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Ovarian Cysts

Women in their reproductive years are constantly producing ovarian cysts – in fact every month a cyst (or the correct technical name follicle)… READ MORE
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Advanced Maternal Age

Are you over 35 and considering having a baby? Read our blog to find out what it will mean for you... READ MORE
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Ectopic Pregnancy

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The Cervix

The cervix is not just about pap smears. The cylinder of tissue that is the neck of the uterus has the capacity both to be hard and closed but also to… READ MORE
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Two little jellybeans and two little heartbeats in the fuzzy haze of the ultrasound… Twins! How do twins come about? READ MORE
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Antioxidents for Men

Infertility is not just related to problems for women, but there can be many problems in men too. READ MORE