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With a specialist focus on women’s pelvic physiotherapy, including pelvic floor, pelvic pain, and pregnancy-related, Alana Physiotherapy provides expert assessment and treatment of the whole person.

Alana Physiotherapy

With a specialist focus on women’s pelvic physiotherapy, we give our clients the information and tools to take control of their health. With accurate diagnosis, treatment, therapeutic exercise and mindfulness, our dedicated team will help you build resilience, confidence and your body.  The muscles and other structures of the pelvic floor are required to perform a wide variety of tasks over a woman’s life with pregnancy and childbirth and the ageing process contributing to potential problems of the pelvic floor. This may include prolapse and urinary incontinence – common but distressing problems that may impact quality of life for a woman. These issues require careful assessment and a range of treatment approaches are available, since not all issues need or respond to surgery. Our dedicated women’s health physiotherapists are here to address these issues and improve your quality of life.

Women’s Health Physiotherapy:

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a referral to see a physiotherapist at Alana Healthcare?
If you are attending an appointment with our specialist physiotherapist you may be eligible to claim a Medicare rebate if you are referred from a GP under a GP Management Plan (GPMP). Not everyone is eligible and you will need to speak to your GP to find out. You can find more information about eligibility criteria on the Human Services website. If you are not eligible to claim your physiotherapy visit through Medicare, you may be able to claim through your private health insurance, subject to your level of cover.
Is my pelvic floor assessment covered by Medicare or Health Insurance?
Most insurance policies include some cover for physiotherapy services, however you would have to check this directly with your health fund. Medicare may cover part of the cost of a physiotherapy appointment, but you must be referred under a GP Management Plan to be eligible. Please contact our friendly staff for more information.
When should I have my postnatal follow up assessment?
It is normal to experience some bleeding similar to a period for up to 6 weeks post-birth, we therefore suggest a follow up appointment for an assessment of your pelvic floor muscles at approximately 6-8 weeks post-partum (when your bleeding has ceased).  This enables the earliest commencement of your pelvic floor recovery whilst also minimising any chance of infection.  For your convenience, we can schedule this assessment alongside your postnatal appointment with your Alana Obstetrician.
When should I have my antenatal pelvic floor assessment
The best time is when you are between 20 and 26 weeks gestation, and we will always do our best to schedule your assessment alongside one of your antenatal appointments with your Alana Obstetrician.  If you are not seeing an Alana Obstetrician for your pregnancy, you can still come in and see an Alana Physiotherapist for pelvic floor assessment at any stage after the first trimester.
What do I do if I am experiencing hand/wrist pain during my pregnancy or after the birth?
Correct diagnosis of a hand or wrist condition is important when considering appropriate management.  An early diagnosis allows for early intervention, which will favour promising outcomes. The Alana Physiotherapists are trained to identify the cause of your hand and wrist pain, and to assist each woman throughout her recovery. An appointment can be made with the reception staff and does not require a doctor’s referral.
Can I have physiotherapy for pelvic floor issues including urinary issues or pelvic pain?
Our specialised physiotherapy team offer services for women with problems related to pelvic floor function.  This may be issues related to bladder or bowel problems (leakage or needing to toilet frequently) and problems associated with pelvic pain.  Our team work together to formulate a plan specifically for you.
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