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The Alana Healthcare Doctors have been interviewed by or featured in the nation’s leading publications.  Click through on the links below to read about the health topics most important to you.

in the media

"Endometriosis made zero sense to…

Prof Jason Abbott to The Guardian: I’ve spent the last 25 years trying to investigate further, and it highlighted the lack of evidence and research… READ MORE
in the media

Many hysterectomies are…

Featuring Prof Jason Abbott, the Australian Doctor Group explores alternatives to hysterectomy for patients with heavy menstrual bleeding. READ MORE
in the media

How common treatments for…

According to Prof Jason Abbott, more research is needed to improve pain management for women with endometriosis, as they are slipping through the… READ MORE
in the media

The hidden disease hundreds of…

Prof Jason Abbott speaks with Deborah Knight on 2GB regarding endometriosis, the hidden disease faced by 1 in 10 women around the world. READ MORE
in the media

Moving the Needle: Botox® for…

In this Harper's Bazaar article, Dr Erin Nesbitt-Hawes responds to some recent attention-grabbing headlines claiming a new use for Botox® in patients… READ MORE
in the media

Move to improve. The benefit of…

Ruth Schubert with Endometriosis Australia discussing the benefits of exercise for endo sufferers. READ MORE
in the media

Unsealed section: 'Sometimes having…

Ruth Schubert being interviewed by 9Honey about endometriosis, vaginismus, and the prevalence of sexual pain experienced by women. READ MORE
in the media

Ray Hadley shares his daughter’s…

Professor Jason Abbott being interviewed by Ray Hadley on 2GB regarding endometriosis. READ MORE
in the media

Talking Endometriosis: An Expert…

Prof Jason Abbott and Ruth Schubert appeared at UNSW on an expert panel on endometriosis,  targeted at students and faculty of allied health and… READ MORE
in the media

Endometriosis: A conversation with…

O&G Magazine speaking to Professor Jason about the career he has dedicated to improving diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis. READ MORE
in the media

One in nine women aged 40 to 44…

Professor Jason Abbott, Director of Alana Healthcare and Chair of the National Endometriosis Steering Group, says the AIHW's report on endometriosis… READ MORE
in the media

'Super-overwhelming': what is…

Professor Jason Abbott sits down with Sydney Morning Herald to explain all things endometriosis. READ MORE