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Natural Therapies in Pregnancy

Early pregnancy can be a tumultuous experience for many women. Excitement coupled with uncontrollable changes can leave women feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. On the other hand not feeling any different can also be stressful. It is hard to ‘carry on’ as if nothing has changed!

How can a Naturopath help?

A growing baby causes increased hormone levels and changes to the uterus, and other tissues and organs.  Common symptoms include nausea, constipation, bleeding, breast tenderness, restless legs, cramps, sleep and alterations in senses such as taste and smell.

Natural therapies for pregnancy support healthy well-being for you and the growth of your baby. Gentle treatments include herbal teas, diet and nutrition, acupressure, homoeopathy and relaxation techniques.

Your Alana Naturopath can also assist you with birthing preparation including nutrients and homeopathy to promote relaxation and confidence. Treatments are tailored to individual women and generally support healthy adrenal and nervous system function, circulation and immune function. All birthing choices and experiences are valued at Alana.

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