Love your labia!
20th Jun


Your labia are the skin folds that are external to the vaginal opening. Some women refer to these as the ‘lips’ or ‘flaps’. There are two parts of the labia, the labia majora (the outer folds of skin) and the labia minora (the inner, thinner ...

Chronic Pelvic Pain
24th Jul


Chronic pain affects 20% of adults and although back pain is a common culprit, for many women it is chronic pelvic pain which is the problem. Chronic pelvic pain is defined as pain which occurs in the pelvic region and is present on most days for more ...

Endometriosis and getting the information right
29th Feb


It is Endometriosis Awareness week during 3-9th March and Alana Healthcare for Women is actively involved in managing the pain and fertility issues for women with endometriosis who struggle with this consuming and debilitating disease.  Our specialist ...

Cervical Cancer
12th Nov


Cervical cancer is a gynaecological cancer which affects the cells at the cervix (opening to the uterus).  It is the third most common gynaecological cancer in Australia after uterine cancer and ovarian cancer.  As there are two types of cell in this ...

Vaginal Pessary for pelvic organ prolapse
8th Oct


What is a prolapse? Prolapse is a condition characterised by weakness or loss of integrity of the support systems within the pelvis which normally maintain the position of the pelvic organs high within the pelvic cavity.  This weakness can be caused by ...

Is natural HRT making you sick?
14th Sep


By Susan Arentz  BHSc(Hons), Adv Dip Nat, Dip Bot Med, Dip Nut, Dip Hom, Adv Cert NFM Many women prefer natural treatments over chemical hormone replacement and there are studies showing that some plant based treatments may improve menopausal ...

The Oral Contraceptive Pill
15th Jul


The combined oral contraceptive pill (COCP) contains both oestrogen and progesterone and has been used for many years for a number of indications including birth control, pelvic pain, heavy menstrual bleeding and acne.  Recent media coverage of ...

22nd Jun


You know that feeling, that moment when you need to cross your legs before you sneeze, or having to make sure you know where every bathroom is in the shopping centre.  Loss of bladder function is termed urinary incontinence and it affects over 1 in 3 ...

Medical Research Week
1st Jun


Between May 28 and June 5 2015, Medical Research week will be celebrated in NSW.  The Australian Society for Medical Research hosts a series of events around the country to promote research but also to spread the results of research that has been done.  ...

Smoking – a global health issue
25th May


The use of tobacco is a global health issue and it is important to highlight the issues associated with smoking and the damage it does to health – both to those who smoke and those around them.  It is estimated that the use of tobacco products is ...