Sydney’s first all-female obstetric practice, world-recognised gynaecologists

Choose Alana for Comprehensive Specialist Women’s Health Care

At Alana, our goal is simple: To provide health care and medical expertise of the highest standard to women of any age. Established in 2007, Alana Healthcare for Women is built around a deep understanding of the gynaecological, obstetric and fertility needs of the women of Sydney and beyond. This means we have created a team consisting of the best gynaecologists, the best fertility specialists and the best obstetricians in Sydney, providing care in a way that is unique and unlike anything you’ve experienced before. You’ll see this reflected not only in our doctors, physiotherapists and naturopaths, but also in our administrative and support team. Your care really is our number one priority.

Our Range of Services

We offer services in the key areas of women’s health including Gynaecology, Obstetrics and Fertility. Our Gynaecology service offering includes extensive expertise in the areas of general and surgical Gynaecology such as hysteroscopy and laparoscopy, endometriosis, fibroids, hysterectomy, ablation, ovarian and dermoid cysts, pelvic pain and colposcopy. Physiotherapy services for complex chronic pelvic pain and pelvic floor conditions, including pessary insertions, are offered by our specialist women’s health physiotherapists.

Antenatal and Obstetric services are provided by our all-female obstetricians, a specialist group obstetrics model which is the first of its type in Sydney. We offer care for general and high risk pregnancies, recurrent miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy, and antenatal ultrasound. The obstetric care is supported by physiotherapy services for antenatal and postnatal pelvic floor health, as well as pregnancy related hand and wrist conditions.

Fertility treatment and support is offered by our team of doctors and naturopaths and consists of general fertility advice and check-ups, IVF and assisted reproductive technologies, IVF support and evidence-based natural fertility treatment. In addition, we specialise in the surgical treatment of any gynaecological causes of infertility such as endometriosis.

Why Choose Alana?

While quality healthcare should be accessible to all Australians, more and more patients are choosing private care for the purposes of choice and control. Alana offers a comprehensive solution to women and families seeking gynaecological, fertility or pregnancy care at the same time as having links to both a tertiary referral hospital (Royal Hospital for Women), university (UNSW) and the largest IVF unit in Australia (IVF Australia).

Choosing the best doctor or allied health professional for your circumstances can often be hard, and that’s where we come in. Once your GP refers you to us, our staff will triage your health concerns and help you choose the best obstetrician, the best gynaecologist or the best fertility specialist for your particular needs. Choosing Alana means that you are already in good hands and you can let us do the rest!

To Make An Appointment

If you are experiencing gynaecological or fertility issues, would like to have a general gynaecological or fertility health check, or if you have just found out you are pregnant and wish to book your first antenatal visit, we would love to hear from you! You can either telephone us on 02 9009 5255 and let one of our friendly staff assist you, or make contact via our Contact Us page. You’ll receive a warm welcome into the Alana family from the moment you walk through our door.

You can also find out more specific information about a range of women’s health conditions and treatments by clicking through the various page headings above.


Where are you located?


We are located in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney at “The Spot”. The clinic address is 48-50 St Pauls St, Randwick, diagonally across from The Ritz Cinema and about 5 minutes walking distance from the Randwick Hospital Campus.

How much is a consultation?


A first visit at our clinic is generally $250, but consultation prices and durations vary depending on the clinical presentation. A full list of consultation fees can be found on our Consultation Fees tab


Do I need a referral?


No. While the specialists at Alana are committed to working closely with your GP as your primary carer, you don’t have to have a referral to see a specialist. But if you are a Medicare card holder and you wish to claim the Medicare rebate, you do need a referral from either a GP or specialist to be able to claim.


I’m pregnant, when should I book my first visit with you?


For Medicare eligible, privately insured patients, you can read our full Obstetric Fee Disclosure.  If you are Medicare ineligible and/or don’t have private health insurance, please telephone us on 02 9009 5255 and we can provide you with the relevant fee information.