Smoking – a global health issue
25th May


The use of tobacco is a global health issue and it is important to highlight the issues associated with smoking and the damage it does to health – both to those who smoke and those around them.  It is estimated that the use of tobacco products is ...

19th Apr


What is a fibroid? A fibroid (leiomyoma or just myoma) is a non-cancerous growth of the muscle that forms the walls of the uterus.  With an estimated lifetime risk of about 70%, most women will have a fibroid at some point in their life.  For the ...

Preterm Birth: Part 2 – What can we do?
12th Apr


In Part 1 of our blog we learnt about what Preterm Birth is, the risk factors and detection.  In Part 2 we will explore treatment options for you should you find yourself at risk of preterm birth. Treatment options  Treatment options for preterm birth ...

Preterm Birth: Part 1 – Who is at risk?
7th Apr


What is preterm birth? Preterm birth (PTB) is defined as delivery of your baby prior to 37 weeks gestation. Unfortunately, the majority of the time we cannot explain the mechanism for why PTB occurs.  In about 70% of cases, women break their waters ...

29th Mar


Adenomyosis is a condition that affects the muscle of the uterus and is defined as the presence of the tissue that usually lines the uterus (called the endometrium) within the muscular wall of the uterus.  The uterus has a muscular layer and the lining ...

Endometriosis Awareness Month
2nd Mar


We all know that women are strong and resilient.  Perhaps it is these characteristics that have meant endometriosis – a disease as common as asthma or diabetes – has gone unnoted, unheard of and unrecognised by health carers, governments and ...

Ovarian Cancer
25th Feb


Ovarian cancer is an uncommon cancer with 1500 Australian women diagnosed with this disease each year.  This means a 1% lifetime risk for Australian women and makes it about ten times less common than breast cancer. Unfortunately, there is no effective ...

Ovarian Cysts
9th Feb


Women in their reproductive years are constantly producing ovarian cysts – in fact every month a cyst (or the correct technical name follicle) develops in the ovary and may be seen on an ultrasound.   Many women worry about an ultrasound diagnosis of ...

Advanced Maternal Age
26th Jan


These days many women are delaying childbearing into their 30’s and it is not uncommon to be over 35 when having a baby.  Previously the term given to these pregnancies was “geriatric” but the updated (more politically correct) name is Advanced ...

Ectopic Pregnancy
18th Dec


Ectopic pregnancy is where the developing pregnancy occurs outside the cavity of the uterus, most commonly in the fallopian tube. There are other places where an ectopic pregnancy can occur including on the ovary, in the wall of the uterus or caesarean ...