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What if I need to cancel my appointment?

Everyone’s time is valuable and we understand that sometimes you will need to cancel a scheduled appointment.  To protect you, the other patients waiting for an appointment, and our practitioners, Alana observes the following Cancellation Policy:

If you have provided us with your mobile phone number, you will be sent an SMS reminder at least 2 working days prior to your scheduled appointment.  You must reply with only a “Y” to confirm or an “N” to cancel.  If you have not provided us with a mobile phone number, or not consented to SMS contact, we will telephone you on the number/s you have provided in the days leading up to your appointment to confirm.

If you have not received an SMS from us in the lead up to your appointment, please telephone us on 9009 5255.

PLEASE NOTE: If we do not receive an SMS or verbal confirmation from you by 12:00pm the working day prior to your appointment, your appointment will automatically be cancelled and allocated to another patient.  You will then need to call us and reschedule to the next available appointment time.

If for any reason you are unable to attend your confirmed appointment we require that you call us on 9009 5255 by 12:00pm the working day prior, otherwise you will be charged a cancellation fee as outlined below.

  • For cancellation of any appointment by 12:00pm the working day before there will be no charge
  • For late cancellation of a confirmed appointment after 12:00pm the working day before,  50% of the normal consultation fee will be charged
  • For missing a scheduled confirmed appointment, 100% of the normal consultation fee will be charged

By booking an appointment with us you accept this Cancellation Policy, which will also be notified to you in writing prior to your first appointment.  The 12:00pm deadline for confirmations and cancellations allows us to spend the remaining time filling the available appointment times with other patients on the waiting list.