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Exercise and Pregnancy


There are many changes that occur to your body when you become pregnant.  A dramatic change in your spine, joints and muscles means that your normal activities may need to be modified, your exercise regimes tailored and awareness to these changes heightened to reduce injury. Your balance, and the change of forces on your joints and muscles, means that regular assessment as your baby grows and your body changes is essential in modifying your activities.

Current research shows that physical activity during your pregnancy is not only safe but beneficial.  In addition to controlling the inevitable weight gain, and managing of your blood sugar levels, physical activity will improve your heart and lung function.  Improving your oxygen carrying capacity with exercise means that the increasing oxygen requirements by baby as it grows are well catered for.  In fact, women who continue to exercise have fewer medical interventions during labour and recover better after birth both physically and psychologically.

In addition, multiple trials have shown no association between exercise and risk of miscarriage, abnormalities, premature deliveries, growth restriction or fetal distress.

In general, healthy women who have uncomplicated pregnancies can continue their preconceptual regular aerobic exercise during pregnancy.  Even sedentary women can begin a light to moderate exercise programme antenatally.  Consultation with your doctor and proper assessment by trained physiotherapists can assist in ensuring a tailored regime is created for your body as it changes.