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Dr Neetika Mishra

Director Obstetrician & Gynaecologist MBBS, FRANZCOG
While the heart of her cooking may still be in India, Neetika has found her home at Alana. She’s a master of balance, be it the spices in her food, managing the work-family juggle, or the application of her knowledge and skill to the care of her patients

After finishing her undergraduate studies in India, Neetika went on to complete her specialist training in obstetrics and gynaecology first in India and then in Australia at three major tertiary hospitals in New South Wales – the John Hunter Hospital,  the Royal Hospital for Women and Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.  Neetika has practiced obstetrics and gynaecology for last 15 years and has extensive experience managing all obstetric conditions and complications.

While working at the Royal Hospital for Women, Neetika developed an interest in obstetric and gynaecological ultrasound and for the last three years has worked as an advanced trainee at two of the best hospitals in New South Wales.  She is currently undertaking a further specialist training qualification via the Diploma of Diagnostic Ultrasound.  Neetika can proficiently and competently scan all aspects of both obstetric and gynaecological conditions and perform a variety of ultrasound-guided procedures.

As a mother of two gorgeous kids herself, Neetika is passionate about providing the best possible care to patients.  Having suffered complications in her own pregnancy resulting in preterm delivery, she understands first hand what couples with high-risk pregnancies go through, not only antenatally but also postnatally.  With her kind and compassionate nature she can wholeheartedly empathise with these women and support them and their families throughout their pregnancy journey.  Neetika’s partner is a Neonatologist/Paediatrician who has worked closely with Alana for the last five years and assists in achieving these goals.

In her spare time, Neetika loves exercising, playing with her kids and cooking.  She likes to try recipes from all types of cuisines but Indian is still close to her heart and the one she cooks the most.  Neetika secretly does take pride in her cooking and can gladly say that an invitation to her home is eagerly anticipated and warmly welcomed by her friends!

As a mother of two gorgeous kids herself, Neetika is passionate about providing the best possible care to patients.