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How long do I have to wait after my miscarriage to try to conceive again?

We recommend you have at least one normal period after your miscarriage.  If the first bleed is not quiet as normal than wait until you have a normal menstrual period in your next cycle as it takes time for your body to clear the pregnancy hormone.  When you have had a normal period we know your cycle has returned to normal, the pregnancy hormone is out of your system and that your body is ready for a new pregnancy.  Record the first day of your menstrual period (LMP) as this is important in dating your next pregnancy. Physically you do not need more than one period but allow yourself enough time to emotionally be ready as well.  Some time is also necessary to allow yourself to grieve about your pregnancy loss.

We find that most women after a miscarriage are a little more anxious in their next pregnancy.  Your GP can refer you to the Alana Obstetricians for an early pregnancy scan and we recommend it to be done at around 8 weeks from your LMP as at this stage you should really be able to see your baby’s heartbeat.