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Alina Filipe Nunes

Associate Physiotherapist B Sc Phty, PG Dip Women's Health Phty, PG Dip Clinical Phty
Native to Portugal but speaking numerous languages, Aline is that rare combination of passion and commitment to excellence, both inside the consulting room and on the dance floor. Just ask her shoes!

New to Alana in February 2020, Aline graduated in Portugal in 2008 and has 9 years of experience working in private practice.  Having had pelvic pain since her first period, which frequently prevented her from going to school or even leaving the house, Aline is passionate about helping anyone with sexual and pelvic pain.

Known for her thirst for knowledge and her love of helping to empower patients to find the best path for their health needs, Aline has been involved in research in pelvic pain and is an active committee member of the women’s, men’s and pelvic health groups of the Australian Physiotherapy Association. Believing that anyone with a pelvic floor, particularly new mothers, should have access to knowledge, Aline created The Pelvic Tuner, an advocacy platform for anyone with pelvic floor difficulties.  Additionally, Aline is trained to help both men and women, as well as those born with intersex variations, transgender or gender diversity, and children with pelvic floor conditions.

Aline has a PGDip from Portugal and is in the final stages of her Masters in Continence and Pelvic Physiotherapy from Curtin University in Perth.  She is currently working on finishing her Diploma in Counselling with the Australian Institute of Professional Counselling.  She is also a Therapeutic Yoga and Pilates instructor, a certified Infant Massage instructor (CIMI) and a PINC certified cancer rehabilitation physiotherapist.

In her spare time Aline loves enjoying a good cup of coffee or tea and dancing until her feet hurt.  She loves singing and playing the flute, and jazz and classical music hold a special place in her heart.