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Natalie Farrow

Medical Receptionist
Ocean swims and long walks on the beach may give Natalie her cool, calm and collected demeanour, but behind the reception desk she’s a force to be reckoned with, as her lively young son can attest to!

Natalie spent her childhood divided between the Eastern Suburbs and Northern Beaches of Sydney, as well as overseas – a lifestyle which clearly ingrained in her a love of travel and the outdoors. You’ll find Nat at the beach all year round.

While working may be keeping her from her lifelong dream of spending 6 months on a yacht in the Mediterranean, Alana would be lost without her! Natalie spent the last five years working in administration in the Design and Point of Sale industries, and prior to that worked in early childhood education, and as a nanny. Learning many skills during these early stages of her career, Natalie decided in 2018 to make the jump to medical reception and we were fortunate enough to secure her here at Alana.

Natalie takes everything Alana throws at her in her stride, always an essential quality for anyone working in a busy clinic environment. Natalie continues to learn and grow every day in her role at Alana and you can rely on Natalie to support you through your pregnancy or healthcare journey with Alana.