IVF support using Natural Therapies

IVF support using Natural Therapies

Many people find IVF and other medically assisted conception techniques stressful.  Naturopathic care can improve wellbeing by managing stress and supporting general health.  At Alana, naturopathic treatment complements medical care.

It is understood that the ultimate conception experience is a natural one however if medical help is needed Alana has the capacity to provide medically assisted fertility treatments, including IVF.  Alana’s natural support through IVF provides your body with robust health, increased capacity and resilience for medical fertility treatments. Areas of health include digestive function, immune health, adrenal and nervous system stress and whatever you feel is indicated in your individual case. Natural treatments include diet, exercise, nutrients, homoeopathy and individual lifestyle considerations. You will be in great health for your IVF journey, and provided with support for the best chance of a positive outcome.

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