Evidence Based Natural Treatment for Infertility

Evidence Based Natural Treatment for Infertility

Alana’s natural fertility option provides a holistic, comprehensive program for couples wanting to conceive.  On-site medical diagnosis is combined with evidence based natural treatments in a systematic approach, tailored to individual reproductive and health needs of women and men.  Pregnancy is achieved by improving ovarian function, reducing stress, normalising hormones and immune function and improving the quantity and quality of sperm. Treatment aims to maximise pre-conception health, and may be used to treat unexplained infertility, sperm problems, stress related conditions and address relevant lifestyle and environmental factors.

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There is growing scientific evidence showing that optimising the health of both women and men prior to pregnancy can improve fertility, the health of babies and even determine lifelong health. Alana’s Natural Fertility program is a proactive approach that can be used to prepare for pregnancy and as treatment for infertility. An inclusive approach incorporates female and male reproductive systems, general health and wellbeing and environmental factors. Treatment for a wide range of fertility problems include unexplained infertility, low sperm count, motility morphology and DNA integrity, hormone imbalances, immune complications (antibodies, infections and inflammation), sexual issues, timing, poor implantation and growth of an embryo.

Alana’s practitioners are accessible and understanding. You control your lifestyle with information about the areas of most effectiveness for your individual situation.

Experienced and highly trained naturopaths work as part of a medical fertility specialist team. Medical diagnosis coupled with natural treatment ensures you receive the full range of natural treatments directly linked to your personal needs rather than a one-size fits all model. Ongoing research into natural management of infertility ensures that you have access to the latest natural, evidence based treatment strategies tailored to your individual needs.

With Alana Natural Fertility, you can be confident in the best of both worlds. Book in for a free half hour chat with our naturopath to discuss your individual needs.

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