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About Professor Jason Abbott Medical Director, Endometriosis Australia

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Jason Abbott on the Gynaecology Clinical Committee of the Medicare Benefits Schedule Review Taskforce

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ABC NewsPatients urge drug company to stop blocking access to pain medication in Australia
One woman in 10 has the chronic, incurable condition called endometriosis, it gets surprisingly little publicity. It’s more common than asthma and diabetes and it often results in infertility. There’s a drug that’s specifically developed for that purpose, and while women in most parts of the world can use it, women in Australia can’t. Jason Abbott being interviewed by ABC Radio about endometriosis drug Visanne.

The Sydney Herald NewsThe birth control pill that helps women have babies
The contraceptive pill will be one of the medications used in a world-first trial at a Sydney hospital to treat the crippling women’s disease endometriosis. Specialists at the Royal Hospital for Women in Randwick will track 150 women throughout the two-year trial. The hospital’s endo-gynaecology deputy-director and the trial’s head, Dr Jason Abbott, said the research will involve using medication for three months followed by surgery.

Sunshine Coast DailyThe pain that endures for endometriosis sufferers
A 30-YEAR-OLD woman had to undergo a radical hysterectomy after battling the medical fraternity for years over the pain caused by her endometriosis. Endometriosis is caused when cells like the lining of the uterus grow outside the uterus. Undiagnosed, the condition can cause infertility and other severe conditions such as endometrial cancer. Endometriosis Australia Association medical director Professor Jason Abbott discusses the pain endometriosis patients often endured.

The Sydney Herald News‘False hope’: Hysterectomy treatment for endometriosis is no cure-all
Lena Dunham revealed she had undergone a total hysterectomy after years of battling endometriosis. Dr Jason Abbott, an associate professor at the University of New South Wales and expert on the surgical treatment of endometriosis, says narratives that endometriosis is a condition of the uterus and can be cured by undergoing a hysterectomy ultimately give “false hope” to sufferers.

The Huffington PostWhat I Live With: The Silent Suffering Of One In 10 Australian Women With Endometriosis
Mel Greig knew something was very wrong when she went off the Pill at 30 years old. The paralysing pain in her abdomen, the bloating and utter exhaustion she’d become an expert in since the age of 17 had come back, tenfold. Dr Erin Nesbitt-Hawes, obstetrician and associate lecturer at the University of NSW is quick to point out that not only is there a cost to the economy, but there is a significant cost to a woman’s family, friends and her own mental health.

Medical Xpress NewsLifestyle and herbal medicine effective in treatment of PCOS
A common, under recognised and increasingly prevalent hormonal disorder, PCOS affects one in five young Australian women and one in four Australian Indigenous women. Dr Susan Arentz and Dr Jason Abbott being interviewed by Medical Xpress and featured on SBS regarding their research into lifestyle and dietary treatment for women with PCOS.

My Body and SoulWithin a few hours I predict I’ll be in the emergency room begging for pain medication
Radio and TV personality Mel Greig talked about her own experience on the unpredictable nature of endometriosis. Dr. Jason Abbott was featured in this article discussing about Endometriosis.

My Body and SoulSerious Question: Are Bath Bombs Bad for Your Vagina?!
If you’re a woman, it’s worth looking after your vagina. Dr Minke Burke, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, being interviewed by Cosmopolitan to discuss if bath bombs are a bad idea for your vagina.

My Body and SoulFocus on Women’s Health: Childbirth Injuries
In this Q&A, Erin Nesbitt-Hawes, discusses some of the injuries that can occur in childbirth.

The Sydney Herald NewsEndometriosis sufferer Mel Greig looks to surrogate to have baby
It affects about one in 10 Australian women and can occur from the time a girl has her first period. “The majority of women with endometriosis won’t have trouble falling pregnant,” says Dr Erin Nesbitt-Hawes. Dr Erin Nesbitt-Hawes being interviewed by The Sydney Morning Herald regarding endometriosis.



Suffering in Silence
It affects one in 10 women, costs billions of dollars a year, and can cause debilitating pain and infertility. So why are so many women with endometriosis suffering in silence? Jason Abbott being interviewed by Channel Ten’s The Project regarding endometriosis.

Raising awareness of endometriosis
In TODAY’s Agenda, obstetrician and gynecologist, Professor Jason Abbott from Endometriosis Australia and Ellie Angel-Mobbs, who suffers from endometriosis, discuss why the condition is a silent epidemic.

What You Need To Know About Endometriosis
“Women still today are dismissed by their doctors and are told it’s all in their head… that they just need to harden up and deal with the pain.” With 1 in every 10 women affected by endometriosis, Channel Ten’s Studio 10 speaks with Dr Erin Nesbitt-Hawes and Donna Ciccia to find out more about the disease.

Looking after yourself as a parent – First Thousand Days
Minke Burke being interviewed by Casey Beros for BUPA’s “First 1000 Days” Blue Room Series. This First Thousand Days Parenting Class is designed to help equip parents with the tools to look after mothers through pregnancy, birth, and beyond. In this video, Dr Minke Burke, together with Chantelle, and Beth, give some advice to help.

Labour and Birth – First Thousand Days
Dr Minke Burke being interviewed by Casey Beros for BUPA’s “First 1000 Days” Blue Room Series. In First Thousand Days Parenting Classes, talks about your little one’s foray into the world, their grand entrance, labour and birth. Dr Minke Burke, together with Chantelle, and Beth, discuss about what to expect and tips to manage labour and birth.

The Private Practice: The Business of Being In Business
Dr Alejandra Izurieta, Dr Minke Burke and Dr Erin Nesbitt-Hawes being interviewed by The Private Practice regarding women in medicine.

FX Medicine with Taryn Hallam at the 2017 ATMS Endometriosis Symposium, Sydney
Taryn and Andrew discussed about the protective and compensatory mechanisms of muscles, how endometriosis overwhelms pain signals via the nervous system to the muscles, ehy taking a detailed history is crucial, why surgery may not bring releif as expected, differentiating co-morbid conditions, pain and injury neurobiology, physical changes within the nervous system, neuroplasticity, good pain vs. bad pain, hyperactive nerves and nerve entrapment, endometriosis and exercise, pelvic pain and pelvic floor, and more.



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