Constipation in pregnancy – Don’t get Stuck!
14th Mar


Constipation is described as infrequent of difficult bowel motions, and it is estimated that between 10 and 40% of women suffer from constipation at some stage in their pregnancy.  Around 40% suffer from this at 15 weeks gestation. Why do women suffer ...

Adjusting to Parenting
14th Sep


By guest blogger Dr Wendy Roncolato, Clinical Psychologist and Director of Cloudberry Clinic.   Becoming a parent is a major life event.  It’s an exciting time that changes life in lots of ways—and this transition requires numerous ...

Alana Obstetrician’s top 10 tips for a healthy pregnancy
10th Aug


Tip 1: Planning, planning, planning! Surprise pregnancies are sometimes unavoidable, but if possible it is recommended that you plan your pregnancy.  This will allow you to make lifestyle changes such as stopping smoking, eating healthily and exercising ...

Chronic Pelvic Pain
24th Jul


Chronic pain affects 20% of adults and although back pain is a common culprit, for many women it is chronic pelvic pain which is the problem. Chronic pelvic pain is defined as pain which occurs in the pelvic region and is present on most days for more ...

Gestational Diabetes
11th Jul


Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) is a condition that occurs during pregnancy when a woman is unable to respond to the changing hormonal environment caused by the growing baby and placenta. As a result she has blood glucose levels which are elevated ...

Food allergy awareness
8th Jun


Up to 40% of children in Australia and New Zealand will suffer from allergies at some time in their childhood, the majority being food allergies, eczema, asthma and hay fever.  While for many children the symptoms may be mild and pass as they grow older, ...

Endometriosis and getting the information right
29th Feb


It is Endometriosis Awareness week during 3-9th March and Alana Healthcare for Women is actively involved in managing the pain and fertility issues for women with endometriosis who struggle with this consuming and debilitating disease.  Our specialist ...

Air travel and pregnancy
15th Feb


Many women need to travel while pregnant.  Other women are keen to book a last holiday away together (“babymoon”), and enjoy some time with their partner.  Here are some important facts regarding air travel and pregnancy. When to travel? The general ...

Zika virus
4th Feb


What is the Zika virus? The Zika virus is a mosquito borne illness similar to dengue fever.  The first report of the infection was in 1947 in Africa.  Outbreaks have been seen in Africa, the Pacific Islands and Southeast Asia prior to 2015, but recent ...

Choosing the childbirth education course that’s right for you and your family
24th Nov


By Nadine Richardson.  Director of the Birthing Institute Pty Ltd.  Creator of the She Births® course. How to choose a childbirth education course to suit your family: The essential questions that will save you time, money and help you have the birth ...